Listen to this episode about parties. It's pretty funny.

In this episode, me and some pals talk about the evolution of how we go from middle school to high school to college and how it allllll changes. Listen in for some whack stories about mall jail and more. Enjoy!

Saturdays might be for the boys, but Saturdays won't help with your girl life like this EPISODE WILL! This mini-sode, featuring Abby Podolsky, is all about tips we have for boys and some stories to help you know what not to do on dates. Get your notepads out and get ready to know how to act around the ladies! 

Come find out what first dates are all about. In this episode we expose some pretty ratchet first date stories as well as talk about where our best first dates were, and alsooooo the worst. Definitely not an episode to miss!

Total Drama

In this episode, we talk about DRAMA. Tune in for some comical yet slightly embarrassing stories from both myself and todays two very special guests. This second episode will absolutely blow you away by some of these best dramatic and awkward moments. Can't give too much of it away, probably best that you start listening!

In this introductory episode to The Podcast About Boys, we meet our first two interviewees, Christina and Luke, as we talk about questions and thoughts that have come up in recent relationships. We also take a dive into leaving people on read and why we young people get our panties in such a twist about it. Enjoy.